Cherie DeVille: Adult Empire Pornstar of the Year Interview

Published September 30, 2022 tag category
Cherie DeVille: Adult Empire Pornstar of the Year Interview

How to Talk Seductively on the Phone With Your Boyfriend

It is no mystery that a sexy voice turns a man on. There is nothing my man loves more than hearing my buttery voice whispering words of seduction into the receiver of my iPhone. However, having a sultry voice is a far second to knowing all the right things to say to your man when you’ve got him dangling on the line.

Psychology and the Role of Bio-Electrical Circuit of Human Sexuality Behavior

The behavior of human-being in sexual matters is often a prototype for his whole reaction to life’s situations. It was Freud’s discovery of the pre-eminent role of sex in breeding neuroses resulted in theories that changed the thinking of the world.

Sexual Yoga Vitality

The place of sex in Yoga is often a misunderstood concept and in this short article I would like to shed some light on this subject in relation to how sex can affect our level of vitality. Pre Natal energy (or essence) is the energy we receive from our parents and ancestors.

Save A Relationship – Change Your Sex Life

All too often, a couple reaches a lull in their relationship, based on the same stale sex routine and exhausted techniques. As a man, you have the power to take charge and change the way things are, with a little knowledge and confidence. It’s time to show her that you are the best she’s ever had, and the best she’ll ever have. Here are our top suggestions on how to change your boring sex life!!

Missionary Is Dead: Sexual Positions That Will Change Your Life

If you find yourself lacking in sexual position knowledge, you’re probably your not alone. When we change up our sex positions, we experience new sensations and feelings that don’t exist in the missionary world. These few tips will help you get out of your comfort zone so you can start learning what you’re capable of doing with your lover.

Sex Life in the Senior Years

Sex is good for everybody – intellectually, physically and spiritually. Studies show that men in their senior years and who can give out more than two orgasms per week have lower mortality rates.

Oral Sex 101: What You Need To Know

If you ever had any questions about oral sex you will be a pro after reading this article. Your man will be extremely happy.